Are you tired of being stuck?

Forget time management, affirmations, setting goals and all the life hacks you’ve been trying out for a moment.
If you haven’t explored, clarified and articulated your personal core values you’re building your life on a shaky foundation.


People come to me because they feel stuck in one or many areas in life, and you may recognize the things they tell me:

  • I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life.
  • It feels like I’m living somebody else’s expectations on life.
  • It feels like my days are passing and I’m just treading water.

Carrying these questions too long and you become numb to the experience of life and apathy may set in, the days float together and no quick-fix will get you out of this state.

I know these feelings very well. I used to be there.

Through my own inner journey and my work with clients I’ve learned that without being very clear on what’s important to you for a fulfilled and happy life it’s very hard to take decisive action.

This is kind of obvious - you need to know what you want to achieve it - yet most people don't make the effort to clarify and articulate their wants. And should you want to, what's an efficient process and tool to gain clarity?


This 30+ page full color e-book contains all you need to explore, identify and articulate your core values – both the theory and the tools!
  • Definitions and explanations of belief, value, attitude, and behavior.
  • Explanation and examples of the relationship between belief, value, attitude and behavior.
  • Explanation of how our mind works and why this is important to understanding yourself.
  • A 5 step process to identify, rank and articulate your core values (with work sheets).
  • Example of the output of the exercise that you can use to create your own reminder to be honest to your core values.

example personal core values

PART ONE will introduce the relevant concepts, the terminology and explain how it all relates to each other.

This part aim at giving you a little context to the exercises in Part 2 and to anchor your own values in deeper understanding to better discuss and reflect on personal core values in every day life.

After going through part 1 you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • What does ‘personal core value’ actually mean?
  • What’s the difference between my values and my beliefs?
  • How did my values form?
  • How do my values impact my life choices?
  • How does my values impact my behavior?

PART TWO of this book requires you to roll up your sleeves and do some work. It’s also the part that will give you enormous value, some say an epiphany, if you do it properly.

If you do the exercises of this book as instructed you will by the last page have a one-pager of your core values, in hierarchal order and articulated so each of them resonate deeply with you as guiding principles on your onward journey in life.

  1. Framing your mind by reflecting on happiness and fulfilment.
  2. Identifying your personal core values
  3. Challenging your personal core values
  4. Prioritising your personal core values
  5. Articulating your personal core values

Each step has 1-3 exercises to guide you through the process of unravelling which values you must honor to be happy.

ranking your personal core values