I help leaders reconnect with their heart.

Because real change, in your team, in society, and the world starts with transformation within.

One conversation at a time.

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Self-reflection holds the key to sustainable business performance and personal fulfilment.

Leadership starts within

A lot of research has been done on why executives fail and across the studies the main reasons executives fail include:

• Difficulty handling change
• Not working well in a team
• Poor interpersonal relationships.

All of these directly link back to the executive’s ability to handle his/her own emotional state and personal mastery.

Leading business performance is not about what you know but about how you relate to others, and the relationship is determined by the quality of the conversations you have.

High quality conversations emerge from a foundation of trust, which is the product of intent, authenticity and competence.
Therefore effective leadership is personal and requires you to be able to lead yourself first.

That’s actually the main reason executives hire a coach, to have a fixed point in a busy schedule when they can take a step back to reflect, explore the underlying layers of their busy minds, outline opportunities and options, and step back in to the business stronger.

It’s typically the same when companies hire a coach. To support an executive in a transition that requires the leader to step out of their comfort zone, for example when taking on a new role or driving massive change.

Learn what executive coaching is, what it isn't, why you need one, how to measure the impact of coaching, and tips for hiring a coach.

Read the article and download PDF here.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for

Transformation Within

With an ICF-approach to coaching

we co-create your path

I strongly believe that to lead you must be connected to your heart.

Driven by a meaningful idea that resonates deeply with you and the progressive realisation of it makes you excited.

Only when you lead from within can you create positive and sustainable change in your own life, for your teams, your organisation and maybe even help to shape society.

We will tackle your business challenges and I believe that to do this you must step back from the daily busyness of business, explore the undercurrents of your mind, explore what emerges, reflect and gain new insights. Then you can step back into the business with more clarity and fierce resolve to create change.

Leadership within with ICF coach Fredrik Lyhagen

I work with coaching as defined by International Coaching Federation in that it’s a process of co-creation.

Depending on the situation we can use tools, such as personality tests and 360-feedback, to support our conversation and measure progress.

The engagements are typically 3-6 months with bi-weekly sessions. We can work face-to-face or using online tools like Skype.

In partnership with Oxford Leadership I facilitate

Leadership Transformation

For a leadership team to be effective it must have a level of trust in each other that allow them to have the tough conversations in a constructive manner guided by a crystal clear shared vision.

Leading from withinI’ve partnered with Oxford Leadership to facilitate a transformational experience for the leadership team and create passion and fierce resolve to implement a shared vision.

Starting with the individual and expanding outwards to each leaders’ team and then the company as a whole the leadership team co-creates clarity on purpose, strategic goals, barriers, and emerge with clear 90-day plans for implementation.
Oxford Leadership’s immersive programs Self-Managing Leadership© (SML©) and Strategic Focusing (SF) are two of the world’s most successful leadership programs, with close to 300,000 participants from 90 countries to date and the preferred executive leadership program in many of the world’s largest organisations.

We typically start by taking the leadership through SML© to build individual clarity and trust and then move on with SF to focus the leadership team on the biggest opportunities and develop capacity to implement strategy based on a 90-day plan.

Each program is 2-3 days and typically done off-site in an inspiring environment. Away from the chaos of everyday life, close to nature, the participants can be fully present and open up for co-creation of new possibilities, for themselves and as a cohesive team.

Want to discuss how I can help you upgrade your leadership?

A few examples of the leadership development work I've done: 

  • Emerging leaders program in one of the largest Nordic food companies.
  • Director level development in one of Europe's largest construction companies.
  • Director level development in one of largest Nordic banks.
  • Project Managers in a European broadcasting company.
  • Helping a executive team in a international telecommunication provider to create a shared vision and resolve to execute as one team.
  • Coaching 20 young sales managers in a global IT vendor.

See what a few of my clients have to say about working with me

Game-changing experience

I started working with Fredrik when taking on my next big business challenge. It was a leap in my career so I needed support and guidance, and Fredrik provided much more than that. We fit everything into the big picture and have worked on that from end-to-end. It's been a game-changing experience.
František C - Country Manager

creating a safe environment

I have been coached by Fredrik during a couple of months. In every session, I chose a topic and with Fredrik support, I found more clarity and I has been able to find a solution. At the same time, the coaching session has been very enjoyable. Fredrik, as a coach asked the right question at the right moment and he created a very safe environment. I strongly recommend being coached by him.
Joana V - Director NGO

Clarity on purpose

Fredrik helped me clarify my purpose, link the vision of my business to it and identify the key activities for growing my business as well as enriching my family life.
Jakob T - Founder & CEO

An energy catalyst

Fredrik is an energy catalyst. His strong and empathetic presence, his swift mind and his ability to see the big picture help his clients to quickly touch base with what’s essential to them and move forward with ease, even on the most difficult and personal topics. He also has this great combination of strategic AND practical thinking which make him a powerful mentor to work with.
O'ona S - Global HR Specialist

Eliminating self-limiting beliefs

I worked with Fredrik last year and it was ground breaking for me personally. He guided me down into deep rooted issues holding me back from getting the results I wanted. Now I have two successful businesses and am in control of my thought patterns.
John M - Serial Entrepreneur

Managing energy

I approach work and life with much more energy after working with Fredrik! He helped me re-direct my energy to the things that really matters to me and my colleagues, friends and family say I'm much more balanced, energetic and happy!
Rufina F - IT Sales Manager



About Me

  • Coaching experience working with executives and entrepreneurs
  • 15+ years in corporate with Cisco, Telefonica, Juniper and IBM
  • Co-founded, built and sold company in IT Service Management
  • Extensive international experience
  • Trained and certified by International Coach Federation, ICF
  • Certified on the 360 tool The Leadership Circle Profile
  • Facilitator of premium leadership transformation programs in partnership with Oxford Leadership

My journey

The one question…

my journey to coaching

Read more about my journey to coaching here…

fredrik lyhagen workshop facilitator

I have more than 15 years of professional experience from sales, sales management, alliance management, talent management and management consulting from large international IT and telecom companies Cisco, Telefonica, Juniper and IBM. And experience as an entrepreneur setting up a management consulting company in IT service management.

Originally from the south of Sweden, I went on to study at universities in both Sweden and England before setting off on an international career through Northern Europe and finally settling in Prague with my wife and daughter in 2008.

Working and living abroad for most of my career, building and managing multi-national teams has given me deep experience, understanding and appreciating of the unique demands that it can create for those working abroad and their families.

I’m an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (ICF), certified on The Leadership Circle Profile 360 tool and a Fellow of Oxford Leadership

More about my professional profile here:LinkedIn Lyhagen


icf - international coach federation

oxford leadership

oxford leadership

Let's talk about how I can help you

If you’ve come this far you have some curiosity about how we could work together so take the next step as well. Call me on +420-720 758 873 or send me an email to fredrik@lyhagen.com and let’s see if we find common ground.

I’m based in Prague, Czech Republic, and we can work here, via online tools or I travel to you.

Visiting address:
Slezská 857/45
130 00 Praha 3-Vinohrady
Czech Republic