The Wheel of Life
A conversation starter on life satisfaction and aspirations

The Wheel of Life originates from Buddhism, where it illustrates the path to awakening, and has been adapted in Western personal development to be diagnostic tool to explore level of satisfaction in the different areas of life.

The benefit of the Wheel of Life is that it's a conversation starter. It doesn't give you any definitive answers but triggers reflection as a basis for conversations, with yourself or a partner, to further explore your current level of satisfaction with your life and what you aspire towards.

Rate yourself from 1 - Very dissatisfied to 10 - Very satisfied on the 10 questions in the survey below, each question representing one area of your life.

Don't think too long or overanalyse things - trust your initial gut feeling. Remember that the objective here is to trigger further reflection.

When you're done with answering these questions your results will be presented as one overall score and as a spider chart with your score for each area of your life. 

At the end yo'll be presented with questions to help you go deeper into your score and start thinking about how to take your life to the next level.

Ok, let's go!